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Humanitarian aid, relief, development, crisis, war, disaster, refugee, victim, human rights, assistance, conflict



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The HPPL presents a selections of indispensible handbooks and fundamental textbooks for humanitarian relief workers. Feel free to download and save on your laptop



Updated April 2011




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The Quintessential Library
for Humanitarian Practitioners


A Humanitarian Practitioner’s Guide to International Human Rights Law. By William G. O’Neill. The Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies - Brown University. 1998

Addressing the Needs of Women Affected by Armed Conflict.
ICRC. 2004

Assessment of Nutritional Status of Adults in Emergency-Affected Populations. By Steve Collins, Arabella Duffield & Mark Myatt. UN ACC/Sub-Committee on Nutrition. 2000

Charter of the United Nations. 1945

Disaster Reduction: a Practitioner’s Guide. USAID – OFDA. 2002

ECHO Generic Security Guide. 2004

ECHO Manual - Project Cycle Management. 2005

Emergency Migration Management. IOM. 1995

European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid. Joint Statement by the Council and the Representatives of the Governments of the Member States meeting within the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission. 2007

EU Handbook on assistance interventions in the frame of the Community Mechanism for Cooperation in civil protection

Evaluating humanitarian action using the OECD-DAC criteria An ALNAP guide for humanitarian agencies. 2006

Field Operations Guide For Disaster Assessment and Response. USAID. 2005

First Aid in armed conflicts and other situations of violence. ICRC 2006

Geneva Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

Growing the Sheltering Tree - protecting rights through humanitarian action. Inter-Agency Standing Committee. 2002

Guidelines for Assessment in Emergencies. IASC Emergency Shelter Cluster. June 2006

Guide for the Assessment of Project Proposals. European Commission. 1999

Guidelines on the use of military and civil defence assets to support
UN humanitarian activities in complex emergencies. UN. 2003

Handbook for Emergencıes. UNHCR. 1999

Handbook For Emergency Field Operations. WHO. 1999

How to work with WFP - A Handbook for Non-Governmental Organizations. WFP. December 2005

Humanitarian Protection - A Guidance Booklet. ALNAP. 2004

Humanitarian Response Review. OCHA. 2005

Humanitarian Agenda 2015: Principles, Power, and Perceptions. Tufts University. 2006

Minimum Standards for Education in Emergency. INEE 2004

Mitigation Practitioner's Handbook. USAID-OFDA. 1998

Natural Disasters - Protecting the Public’s Health. PAHO. 2000

Project Cycle Management Guidelines. European Commission. 2004

Protecting Refugees - A Field Guide for NGOs. Produced jointly by UNHCR and its NGO partners. 1999

Public Health Guide for Emergencies. The Johns Hopkins and IFRC. 2003

Rapid Educational Response in Complex Emergencies. UNESCO – UNICEF – UNHCR. 1998

Real-time evaluations of humanitarian action An ALNAP Guide. ODI 2009

Safety & Security Handbook. CARE International 1999

The Code of Conduct - Principles of conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in disaster response programmes. 1994

The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2006 - Medicines and medical devices for 10,000 people for approximately 3 months. WHO 2006

The Four Pillars of Humanitarian Reform. OCHA 2006

The Needs Analysis Framework. IASC CAP Sub-Working Group April 2005

The Sphere Project Handbook 2011

The Transition from War to Peace: An Overview. World Bank. 1999

The Humanitarian Response Index 2010. ExSum. DARA 2011

Training Manual for Combating Trafficking in Women and Children. Save the Children (UK) - UN-IAP - IOM. 2001

United Nations Stress Management Booklet. UN. 1995

Women, Children and Older Refugees. UNHCR. 2001





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